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In lockdown I've reread my favourite books - and discovered how risky rereading can be (

May 4, 2020

You go to an old favourite for solace, but you might just find more uncertainty. I found casual racism and arrogance in one

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Running saved me from bullying for not conforming to expectations of masculinity. Now I do it for myself

March 10, 2020

I gave up running completely when I was 16, but at university, I rediscovered it as a way to feel strong

Image for Inews Running Article March 20

I've known of a number of men who died by suicide, but books can help men feel less alone (

September 30, 2019

Our words can broaden vocabularies to discuss emotions. Writing can explore different ways of being a man


Confronting Male Stereotypes in the Classroom (Wellcome Trust)

July 25, 2019

In the world of classroom politics, asserting your identity and authority as a teacher is paramount. Hoping to add a little variety to the narrow range of role models his students usually come across, writer and teacher Okechukwu Nzelu decides to break the mould by simply being himself.

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